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Moses Craig Adeyemi (1882-1942) was a pioneering Nigerian author and clergyman who wrote one of the earliest books on the history of Ondo town and also on Oyo. The authorship of the latter is disputed though. Adeyemi was a member of the Egbe Agba O'Tan, (Elders Still Exists) in the early 1910s, the group later created a publication committee to write books to preserve local history against the agents of charge emerging in the beginning of the twentieth century. Adeyemi was commissioned to write about Oyo.

Adeyemi was born to Olatunsi and Kasali Adeyemi. His mother was a daughter of an Ondo high chief while his father was the son of Alaafin Adeyemi. Adeyemi's father died when he was young and his mother returned to Ondo with her family. He was educated at a C.M.S. Training School in Oyo and later went to Fourah Bay College. After finishing his studies, he worked as a teacher at his alma mater in Oyo. While teaching at Oyo, he founded a college journal. In 1915, he was appointed inspector of C.M.S. schools in Abeokuta, Ijebu and Ibadan. He was ordained in 1918 and subsequently transfered at his request to Ondo. While in Ondo, Adeyemi became a prominent Western education enthusiasts and was involved in many educational landmarks in the city, including the management of St Stephen's Ondo, Ondo Boys High School, and a women's training center. (1) He was a promoter of Ondo boys high school and was principal in 1919.

Adeyemi College, Ondo is named after him.


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