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Mamman Shata (1925-1999) was a famous Hausa singer and song writer who composed a voluminous collections of songs in cassettes. He is a self described free lance singer and his recordings has been used to pitch products in ads; Shata's main recordings and performance is usually in a Chorus comprised of singers and drummers where he performs as lead singer, he also has recorded some Praise songs of notable Northern Nigerian royalty, nature and interesting characters.

Shata sometimes took positions on praising traditional behaviors such as courtly praise singing, conventional norms of hard work and education and drinking.


Mamman Shata was born into a pastoral Fulani family in Musawa, Katsina State.

He started singing at an early age and performed at local events like Kalankuwa, by age 20, he was able to fend for himself with money he earned singing. He later joined a traveling group and in the 1950s, he was performing at a club which became a stepping stone in his rise to fame.

He went on to record popular compositions such as Magaji Mai Ido Daya, Mallam Baba Na Hannun Dama, Kilishi Jikar Dikko, Mai Kyautar Doki Na Farko Sai Ummakati Kanwar Amarya, and Lafiya Zaki.

Monetary wise, Shata though made less from his music but he was a decent businessman with interest in hotels, retail and farming.

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