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Michael Adedapo Omisade was a Nigerian lawyer and politician who represented Ife in the Federal House of Representatives during the Nigerian first republic. He contested and won the parliamentary election as an independent candidate. However, he could not retain his earlier success, he lost an election in 1979 and lost the UPN primary in 1982.

In the 1990s', he served as the chairman of the failed Alpha Merchant Bank when the bank was under the management of Jimi Lawal. Both individuals eventually were at loggerheads over the bank management direction. (1)

Omisade was born in Ife to the family of Adedoyin Omisade. He attended Oduduwa College, Ife and graduated from the University of Dublin in 1955.

During the military regime of the 60s and 70s, he served as a regional commissioner in the Western region.

Electoral history

1959 Ife parliamentary election

  • Omisade Indep - 12,162
  • Fani-Kayode AG - 9,825
  • M. Adeojo NCNC - 725
  • Adefesobi Indep - 97


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