Muhammadu Bashar

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Muhammadu Bashar (1926-2007) was a Nigerian titled chief who was the 59th Habe emir of Daura, he once held the title of Wamban Daura. During the Nigerian first republic, he was an important figure in the regional development of Northern Nigeria when he was the minister of Economic Planning.(1)


Bashar was educated at Daura Elementary School, Katsina Middle School, and the Kaduna College. He later attended the Clerical Training College, Zaria and School of Arabic Studies, Kano. He started work as a scribe in the Daura Native Authority, in a few years, he became the chief scribe and manager of schools in the Daura locale. He was made a district head for Sandamu and Baure in 1953 and 1954 respectively and later ran and won a seat in the Northern House of Assembly election, he served his constituency and the region as a parliamentary secretary and later minister of local government and then economic planning.

He was colleagues with another politician turned emir, Muhammadu Kabir at the regional house in the early 1960s. Though, Bashar was crowned emir in 1966.