Muhammadu Bida

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Muhammadu Baba Bida (1919) is a Nigerian politician from Kano state who was an official of the Northern People's Congress in Kano and represented the Kano East Central District in the Nigerian House of Representative during the nation's independence period.

Bida was born on January 12, 1919 to Muhammadu Bida. He attended an Elementary school in Kano from 1930-1935 and proceeded to the Kano Middle School in 1935. He started work as a storekeeper with the Kano Native Authority, he was later promoted to various posts ranging from accountant to cashier, and later supervisor of bus services. He joined the leading party in the northern region in 1951 and became the president of NPC in Fuskar Kudu. In 1954, he was elected to the Northern House of Assembly.