Muhammadu Inuwa

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Muhammadu Inuwa was a member of the Kano royal family who was an uncle to Muhammadu Sanusi (deposed emir of Kano) and succeeded him as emir in 1963. He was briefly the head of the Kano emirate before his death the same year.

Inuwa was born to Emir Abbas in 1906. He attended an Arabic School in Kano and was a district scribe in 1924. A few years later, he was district head and later became Galadiman Kano.

He was an associate of the late emir, Abdullahi Bayero. and Arabic scholar, Muhammad Yahya. After the deposition of Muhammadu Sanusi, he along with Dan Maji and Ado Bayero were considered for the position of emir in which he was later confirmed.