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Muhammadu Kura (1929) was a member of parliament from the district of Misau during the Nigerian first republic. He had seved as the supervisor of agriculture and as a councilor in the Misau Native Authority prior to becoming a federal representative.


Kura was born in January, 1929 to the family of Mai Makama. He received his education from the Elementary School, Misau and the Bauchi Middle School. He then attended Bauchi Elementary Training Center and in 1954, he was at the School of Agriculture, Samaru where he graduated with flying colors and won an annual prize for practical work. He started work as a grade III teacher in Misau before becoming an agricultural assistant in Bauchi. In 1955, he joined the Misau Native Authority as a supervisor. (1)

In 1983, he was chosen as the running mate of Obafemi Awolowo in the presidential election. Prior to his nomination, he was a gubernatorial candidate of the Great Nigeria Peoples Party, for Bauchi.

Electoral history

1959 Misau parliamentary election

  • Muhammadu Kura NPC - 11,269
  • Adamu Abubakar Jajire NEPU - 5,129
  • Idi Sangaya AG - 1,253

1979 Bauchi State gubernatorial election

  • Tatari Ali NPN - 438,016
  • Mohammed Kura GNPP - 205,845
  • Saleh Jibril PRP - 132,766
  • Zagi Dass UPN - 25,624
  • Ahmed Babale NPP - 18,777


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