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Nabegu is the name of a Bunture, Kano industrial family. The family over six generations are prominent traders in the hides and skin and cattle business during the colonial economy and later owned the largest tannery in kano during the post colonial economy. Like many of their contemporaries, they were also involved in the transportation business. A patriarch of the family, Alhaji Nabegu was a major cattle dealer from Kano during pre world war 1 and after the war. He was born into a trading family and may have joined trading expeditions with his father's traders to purchase Kola nuts. In 1911, he established his own business and originally followed his father's footsteps and entered the kola trade with cattle trading on the side. However, he sensed better opportunities to succeed in business by buying cattle and was one of the first to establish a regular supply line with pastoral Fulanis. He used inducement such as salt to help in persuading to Fulanis to part with some of their cattle and later became one of the major cattle suppliers in Kano. Also, the security provided by the British imperial interest may have fostered trade and development South of Kano in Yorubaland leading to increase demand for cattle. Nabegu was also a notable social climber, he had matched and exceeded many Fulanis in a major pride of prestige, cattle owning and was a member of the Northern Nigeria Assembly. His son, Baba Nabegu is also a major industrial figure in kano.

Further reading

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