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Nigerian Breweries Plc is Nigeria's leading brewery dominating the lager beer market and is one of West Africa's largest manufacturing company by market capitalization. It was established in 1946 and currently has six breweries throughout the country. It is partially owned by Heineken (54.2%, 2002).

It started production in 1949 as a joint venture between the United African Company (33%) which had seen its market share eroded in Congo and Ghana by Swiss manufacturing firms, Heineken (33%) and other merchant firms (33%) including John Holt, Paterson Zochonis, CFAO, UTC and SCOA which may lose out as a result of the brewery. The firm later became one of the earliest successful instances of import substitution in the country, by 1952, it had a earned a profit. In 1957, it added another brewery in Aba. In 1963 a brewery was opened in Kaduna, later in 1982, a brewery was opened in Ibadan, followed by one at Enugu (1993) and Ama, Enugu (2006). The last brewery utilized state of the art technology and is one of the largest in Africa.

From 2000-2004, the firm was a leading stock on the Nigerian Stock Exchange at a time when the exchange moved from its lows to earn one of the highest rates of return in the world during the period.

Key brands

  • Star lager bear is the company's pioneer brand with sampson stout. The brand is an ubiquitous name among beer drinkers partly due to the saturation of the market with advertisements.
  • Gulder
  • Heineken
  • Legend
  • Maltina
  • Amstel Malta