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The cinema of Nigeria is a developing industry that has become increasingly productive in recent years. Although Nigerian films have been produced since the 1960s, the rise of digital cinema has resulted in a growing video film industry. The Nigerian video feature film industry is sometimes colloquially known as Nollywood. The term is of uncertain date and origin, but is derived from Hollywood in the same manner as Bollywood, as the other Indian film industries (such as Tollywood and Kollywood), and as Lollywood (which refers to the Cinema of Pakistan and also to a movie slot on German kids' TV channel KI.KA). According to Hala Gorani and Jeff Koinange formerly of Cable News Network (CNN), Nigeria has a multi-billion dollar movie industry, churning out some 200 "home videos" every month to become the third largest in the world after the United States and India (visit and ). Many foreign and local critics have criticized Nollywood for its trite plots, poor dialogue, terrible sound, and poor production values. Some worry that the prevalence of witchcraft and violence in the movies may encourage negative stereotypes about Africans. Yet in just 13 years, Nollywood has grown from nothing into an industry that employs thousands of people.

Videos of the Nollywood industry

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