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The Obafemi Awolowo University Faculty of Education's foundation was laid in October 1966 with the appointment of a dean to ensure the smooth running of the new unit. Though, it was part of the university planning committee's immediate course of action at inception, the faculty was established about five years after 1962 with academic session starting in the 1967/1968 year. Over the years, the faculty has developed a strong research focus.

The faculty has a special relationship with Adeyemi College of Education


  • Department of Educational Technology
  • Department of Continuing Education
  • Educational Foundations and Counseling
  • Special Education and Curriculum
  • Educational Administration and Curriculum
  • Institute of Education
  • Physical and Health Education


In 1966, the university appointed the first African professor of education, Babs Fafunwa from University of Nigeria as the dean of the proposed faculty. Fafunwa was to recruit academic staff and process the admission of the first year students into the new campus at Ife. In 1967, the faculty had four core units: education, adult education (later continuing education), Institute of Education and the School of General Studies. The new faculty followed the American model and awarded bachelor degrees in teaching subjects along with one in education such as B.A. in Art subjects, B.Sc in Social Sciences and Science subjects.

One of the units, the Institute of Education cooperated with teacher training institutions across the Western region at inception on matters affecting teacher education, it also launched a project led by Fafunwa, the Ife six year primary education project with Yoruba used as the language of instruction. Along with those, it provided on the site services on improving the education sector in the region especially teachers education through the award of diplomas. Another institute was founded in 1969 to promote the training of physical education teachers, the unit was called the Institute of Physical Education. The institute also made provision for one academic year to earn a certificate in coaching. In 1974, a new department called Educational Technology was estabablished. In 1978, three additional departments were established, one for educational foundations and counseling, another for educational administration and later one for special education and curriculum studies.


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