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Emmanuel Idahosa Oluwafemi Akpata was a Nigerian politician, administrator and forester who was a senator during the Nigerian second republic. He was chief conservator of forest, Western Region in 1960.


Akpata was born on May 14, 1919 in Benin, Edo State. He was educated at the Government School, Benin and the ancient King's College, Lagos, (1933-1939). He later proceeded to the Yaba Higher College where he obtained a diploma in forestry. Later on, he worked in the Western region's forestry department and also took courses at Oxford University. In 1963, after the creation of the Mid-West region, he became a permanent secretary in the ministry of Health.

In 1979, he was elected to the Nigerian senate representing Bendel South.

He is a cousin of Tayo Akpata (2) and was a prisoner of war from 1967-1970.(3)

Electoral history

1979 Bendel Central senatorial election==

  • E.O. Akpata UPN - 72,110
  • D. Oronsaye NPN - 41,359
  • W.E. Osawaru NPP - 17,076
  • E.E. Adams GNPP - 3,735
  • D.O. Uso PRP - 1,229



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