Olumuyiwa Jibowu

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Olumuyiwa Jibowu was a Nigerian jurist who was the first African to serve on the Supreme Court of Nigeria.

Life and career

Olumuyiwa Jibowu attended Abeokuta Grammar School and was called to the bar in 1923 at Middle Temple, London. He later became a puisne Judge at the High Court in Benin city and in 1957, he was appointed as the Chief Justice of the Lagos High Courts and the Southern Cameroons.

Commission of Enquiry

In 1956, Justice Jibowu was appointed to head an enquiry into the management of the Cocoa Purchasing Company, a semi-governmental company formed to compete against expatriate firms and to act as an agency for loan disbursement. The report of the commission detailed instances of corrupt practices by officials of the company. The company was used a conduit of patronage benefiting allies of company officials and for the furtherance of the political activities of its leaders. The critical report led partly to the abolishment of a loan scheme that was open to cocoa farmers.


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