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Orumba North is a Local Government Area in Anambra State, East-central Nigeria.


The 16 major towns that make up the local government are as follows;

  • Awgbu,
  • Omogho,
  • Ndiokpalaeze,
  • Ndiokolo,
  • Amaetiti,
  • Ndiokpalaeke,
  • Okoh,
  • Nanka,
  • Ndiukwuenu,
  • Owa,
  • Ndikelionwu,
  • Ajali,
  • Ufuma,
  • Amaokpala,
  • Ndiowu, and
  • Okpeze.

It is a region with markedly fertile land for agriculture with prominent products around rice, yam, cassava , and palm oil. Most of the population are subsistence farmers and traders. There is also a large student community as a result of the presence of a Federal Polytechnic located at Okoh.


Orumba Local Government Area is home to some of Nigeria's distinguished personalities spanning the academia, politics, and corporate world. These include some of the following underlisted people.

  • Dr. Raymond Obieri , the famous Nigerian banker who founded Summit Finance group and Chairman of Intercontinental Bank PLC who hails from Ufumaland (Ana uvume).
  • Dr. Francis Ohanyido , the reknown African Public health physician, poet and philosopher who founded the International Public Health Forum (IPHF) as well as the defunct Nigerian Telemedicine Development Alliance (NTDA), hails from the Okoliakuamaka family lineage of the Chukwuka group of families in Enugu-Abo Ufuma.
  • Professor Vincent Chukwuemeka Ike the famous educationist and author who hails from Ndikelionwu where he is now a traditional King. He is renown for novels like The Bottled Leopard and Toads for Supper amongst others.
  • Professor Humphrey Nwosu who organised the best election in Nigerian history to date which would have ushered Moshood Abiola to power, but was scuttled by the regime of erstwhile despot Ibrahim Babangida.He hails from Ajali town.
  • Dr. Alex Ekwueme , who hails from Okoh town is a scion of the Royal House of Okoh, frontline politician, architect and former Vice-president of Nigeria.

Ufuma is particularly popular in the South Eastern part of Nigeria because it had offered sanctuary to fleeing Biafran warlords during the final days of the Nigerian-Biafran conflict.


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