Oshodi Tapa

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Oshodi Tapa was a Lagos war general of Nupe ancestry who was an adviser to Oba Kosoko of Lagos. Oshodi Tapa later became a leading figure among some settler groups in Lagos especially in the Epetedo area. He lived in Lagos from 1816 to 1868.


Oshodi Tapa was a slave who later become a trade agent of Oba Osinlokun, Kosoko's father. He was fairly successful in trade and was able to acquire his own slaves. After the death of Osinlokun, he became an associate of Kosoko and was affiliated with him for a long period of time.(1)

He followed Kosoko to Epe, after the latter had been dethroned in place of Akitoye. Both Kosoko and Oshodi were always hovering like a shadow in the affairs of Lagos and its stability. However, a peace agreement was reached in 1862 and Oshodi Tapa was able to acquire a plot of land and adapt to the peaceful trade that was emerging in the colony of Lagos. He was given a chieftancy title after demonstrating his leadership in trade matters during the exile of Kosoko. After the peace agreement, he established a small community made up of 200 families.(2)


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