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Ositadinma Chukwudinigbo Agwuna (1921) is a radical Nigerian activist from Anambra State who was one of the members of the Zikist Movement in the late 1940s; and was the movement's deputy president for a while. In October 1948, he made a radical speech calling for a revolutionary overthrow of the colonial administration in Nigeria. For his effort in writing and making the speech, he was among a few radicals including Raji Abdallah who were later arrested on charges of Sedition. (1)


Osita was born in Enugu Ukwu to Eze Okwubanego Agwuna and his wife. He attended Government School, Awka from 1936-1938 and the Dennis Memorial Grammar School, Onitsha (1939-1942). He started work in the postal department as a postal clerk in 1943 and later became a teacher at St Saviours High School, Lagos. In 1946, he entered the anti-colonial movement as a radical nationalist when he established the African Anti-Colour Bar Movement while he was also the president of the newly created Zikist Movement in Kano.

Osita Agwuna later in his career was a member of the National Council of Nigeria and the Cameroons and a member of the Nigerian House of Representatives.


  • A call for Revolution
  • Inside Africa
  • Seven Shocking Revelations
  • Behind the Iron Curtain


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