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Patrick Dokotri was a Nigerian politician from the Middle Belt zone of Nigeria who was the secretary general of the United Middle Belt Congress. He was also a member of the Nigerian House of Representatives representing Jos during the independence era.(1) As a politician he allied himself with various political groups in the North and South. An ally of Awolowo, he later moved against him by testifying as a witness in the treason charges against Awo.

Prior to joining the United Middle Belt, he was leader of the Jos Tribal Party.


Dokotri was born in 1920 to Mr Dokotri Lang. He attended Catholic schools in Kurra Falls, Jos and then went to the Catholic Seminary at Ibadan in 1940. Thereafter, a stint at the seminary in Benin ensued and later he started work with the Jos Native Authority in the forestry department. He rose in the N.A. to become administrative secretary. (2)

In the Nigerian independence period, he was elected into the regional House of Assembly and later to the Nigerian House of representatives where he was briefly the parliamentary secretary in the ministry of Mines, Land and Power.


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