Remi Aiyedun

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Remilekun Iseoluwa Aiyedun was a female politician from the old Western region of Nigeria. She was selected to the Western House of Assembly in 1953 as a special female representative. She was among a select few of high ranking women politicians from the region during the pre-liebration period. This was partly due to the region's dominant party and its competitors slow pace to back women candidates for elective positions. She was nominated by Alake Ademola over Funmilayo Kuti.

She was also a member of the Egba Native Authority.


Remilekun was born on the first of January, 1901. Her father was Jonnie Soyinka. She attended C.M.S. Girls Grammar Seminary, Lagos. In 1952, she became more active in local politics as a member of the Egba Native Authority (ENA), she was an active member of the church, as she was a member of the Lagos Diocesan Women's Guild and later became the first Woman Diocesan Lay Reader in 1955.