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Rilwanu Abdullahi was a Nigerian politician from the Northern city of Kano who was prominent in the region's politics during the nation's pre independence and post independence period. He was once the Northern People's Congress Provincial President of Kano and was also a scribe in the Kano Native Authroity.


Rilwanu was born to the family of Mr and Mrs Abdullahi, from Kano State. He attended Kano Middle School from 1930-1935. After completing his education, he joined the Kano Native Authority as an accountant in the legal department. During the 1950s, he was elected into the Nigerian House of Representatives under the Northern People's Congress. He also contested for the seat of President of the Kano Province along side Mallams, Abdulkadir Koguna, and Baba Daradara both Native Authority workers.[1]

Electoral history

1959 Dawakin Kudu parliamentary election

  • Rulwanu Abdullahi NPC - 22,629
  • Muhtar Kura NEPU - 2,665
  • A. Dawakin Kudu AG - 385



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