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Samuel Jereton Mariere was a Nigerian community leader and politician who was secretary general of the Urhobo Progressive Union during the nation's pre-liberation period of the 1930s. He later went on to become a member of the Nigerian House of Representatives for the Urhobo East and later central district and in 1964, he became the first governor of the Mid-West region.


Mariere was born in Evwreni and attended the African School, Evwreni and Aladja, he also went to St Andrew's Anglican School, Warri. He started a brief career in teaching at the African School, Okpan but then left to work for Mukoro Mowoe and Co, a firm owned by notable political leader, Chief Mowoe who was also his cousin. In 1939, he joined the firm of John Holt and was with the firm until 1961.

In 1964, the creation of the Midwest region and the massive support the movement received from Urhobos afforded Mariere the opportunity to serve as the region's governor. (1)

After the proscription of political activities in 1966, he became an adviser to the military governor and was appointed chancellor of the University of Lagos in 1968.