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Samuel Akinbolaji Oladapo was a Nigerian businessman from Ondo who was involved in the Nigerian cocoa and timber business. He also represented Ondo West in the Federal House of Representatives during the Nigerian first republic.


Oladapo was born in Ondo to a prestigious local family, his father, Kadiri Oladapo was a chief in the town.

He graduated from St Stephens Primary School, Ondo in 1926 and then went to the Ondo Boys High School, finishing in 1930, he later studied Surveying. He started out as a trader with his uncle's firm and later worked in the offices of other multinationals as a produce buyer and manager. In the 1940s, he branched out on his own and by 1952, he was able to purchase a developmental sawmill at the Aponmu reserve which later started production in 1953 employing about 156 people.

He served as a director of Wata Timber and was a member of the Ondo Divisional Council. In 1972, he became the chairman of the Ondo Local Government. He was the older brother of Hughes Oladiran Oladapo,the famous socialite of Ondo town,well liked and known by ordinary folks up and down the great town of Ondo.Chief Oladapo was also the younger brother of the late Chief P.A.Oladapo.The family original name is Akinkugbe.The Akinkugbes are thought to have migrated from Abeokuta and even believed to have return from Cuba hence the rampant knowledge of Samba that is notoriously associated to Mr H.O Oladapo who was known as the Samba king of Ondo.

Electoral history

1959 Ondo West parliamentary election

  • Oladapo AG - 23,552
  • B.A. Ademodi NCNC - 11,392