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Seal of the President of Nigeria


The Seal of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is the official symbol of the Nigerian President. It was first used in 1979 by President Shehu Shagari in the ill-fated second republic, and jettisoned by the successive military regimes from 1983 - 1999. The presidential seal returned to usage in the wake of the fourth republic in 1999, and it has remained in use till date


The Seal of the President of Nigeria is based on the Nigerian Coat of Arms. The Coat of Arms of Nigeria has a black shield with two white stripes that come together, like the letter Y. These represent the two main rivers flowing through Nigeria: the Benue River and the Niger River. The black shield represents Nigeria's good earth while the two horses on each side represent dignity. The eagle represents strength, while the green and white bands on the top of the shield represent the rich agricultural land of the country. The yellow flower in the grass is the crocus, Nigeria's national flower. The yellow ribbon below has the motto of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, "UNITY AND FAITH, PEACE AND PROGRESS". The words "SEAL OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA" surround the seal in between two concentric green circles.

Modern Usage

The seal is most often seen:

   * on official documents from the presidency.
   * on the green lectern at presidential press conferences.
   * on the sides of presidential transport vehicles (Presidential Air Fleet).
   * on the circular rug in the Federal Executive Council chambers in the presidential villa Aso Villa.