Shehu Ahmadu

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Shehu Ahamdu was a Nigerian politician who was the deputy speaker of the Northern House of Assembly during the early period of the nation's independence. He was also the first Nigerian to head the board of Bata Nigeria limited.


Shehu was born in 1911 to the family of Mr Mamadu who was the Madakin of Kano. He attended Kano Provincial School, (1922-1926) and Katsina Training Collge, (1921-). In 1931, he started his career as a teacher at the Kano Middle School before leaving to become the district head of Kumbotso. In 1947, he was conferred with the title of Sarkin shanu of Kano and was later made the Madakin in 1953. Throughout his career, he was a board member of a few notable firms including the Electricity Corporation Board, Regional Development Board and the Nigerian Red Cross Scoiety.

He was a brother to Umaru Mamadu who also was a member of the Northern Nigeria Assembly.