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Shehu Malami is a Nigerian diplomat and businessman who was the country's high commissioner to South Africa during the administration of General Sani Abacha. At the time, he was considered one of the rivals of deposed Sultan Ibrahim Dasuki along with Mustapha Jokolo and Ibrahim Gusau and his name was mentioned as a contender for the position of Sultan in 1988, 1996, and 2006. He holds the title of Sarkin Sudan of Wurno.

Malami is a former chairman of Costain (West Africa) and Patterson Zochonis.


Malami was born to the family of Hafsatu and Mohammed Bello Dan Usman, the brother of the late Sultan Abubakar III. He grew up in the household of Sultan Abubakar and traveled with the sultan to various locations in Nigeria including meeting various government officials of the old Northern region including Ahmadu Bello and Shehu Shagari; he was the Sultan's private secretary in 1960.

He was educated at various schools including a primary school in Sokoto, Kano Provincial School, Sokoto Middle School, Katsina Provincial School and Bida Provincial School. His history and geography teacher at Sokoto Middle School was Shehu Shagari. He received his General Certificate of Education at the North Davon Technical College, Barnstaple and later attended Middle Temple. While in England, he was involved in the organization of the London branch of the Northern Peoples Congress along with Umaru Dikko. He returned to Nigeria in 1963 with the intention of joining politics. However, the incursion of military rule in the country made him change course as he soon embraced commercial pursuits.

In 1964, he joined the board of the construction firm, Costain West Africa and was instrumental in the public listing of shares during the aftermath of the Nigerian Enterprises Promotion Decree. In 1966, the Ironsi government appointed him a board member of the Nigerian Industrial Development Bank, at the bank, he sought the decentralization of the bank's organization leading to the establishment of a bank in Kaduna with Gidado Idris as its first branch manager. During his time as a director with NIDB, he developed an interest in industries and he became a shareholder in a tannery located at Sokoto, Nigeria Pipes of Kano, a brick industry at Wurno, Zaki Bottling Company and a furniture factory at Asaba.

In the 1970s, he was a member of the Constitutional Drafting Committee and the Constituent Assembly. While at the latter, he was a supporter of the Sharia Court of Appeal.

Alhaji Shehu Malami is an astute business man with several investments around the world. He is among "Who's who in the world", "Who is who in Nigeria", "Makers of Northern Nigeria". He was also honoured with a merit award of CON. He's one of the founders of Ecobank, he was the first chairman of Union Bank in which Mutallab of first Bank took over from him. And he's currently a director in Standard Chartered Bank Nigeria. Besides the above mentioned, he is also: -Chairman of Shempat, who make automobile parts for Peugeot -Former chairman of Costain (West Africa), -Former chairman of PZ (Patterson Zochonis). He brought it to Nigeria and then turned it into an industrial giant. -Chairman of Kano based Nigeria Pipes LTD. The company makes PVC pipes for all sorts of different purposes.

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