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Stephen Adebanji Akintoye is a Nigerian historian from Ekiti who was a director of the Institute of African Affairs, OAU Ife in 1972. He also wrote a few books and articles on Ekiti and Ibadan history, Yoruba dialects and also 'Ten Years of the University of Ife, 1962-1972', published in 1972. In his book, Emergent African States, he voiced his opinion that Western democratic constitutionalism has brought a party system of not merely presenting opposing arguments but the aim of defeating and destroying the opposition parties. (1)

During the Nigerian second republic, he was a senator representing Ekiti in the Nigerian senate


  • Revolution and Power Politics in Yoruba Land, 1840-1943, Ibadan Expression and the Rise of Ekiti Parapo. ISBN 039100168X
  • Emergent African States. ISBN 0835761045

Electoral history

1979 Ondo Central senatorial election

  • S.A. Akintoye UPN - 72,815
  • G.O. Falegan NPN - 10, 034
  • F.O. Aduloju GNPP - 707


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