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Theophilus Adebayo Doherty (Feb 24, 1895) was a Nigerian businessman and politician who represented Lagos on the platform of the Nigerian National Democratic Party in the Legislative Council of Nigeria during the nation's colonial era.


Doherty attended C.M.S. Grammar School, Lagos, (1910-1912) and then went to King's College, Lagos (1913-1916). He later went abroad and studied at the London School of Economics and at the Middle Temple. He was a member of the Lagos Town Council from 1926-1935.

In 1933, along with Olatunde Johnson and a few other businessmen, he founded the National Bank of Nigeria. He also became a prominent member of the Nigerian Association of African Importers and Exporters, the association was designed to link African traders who depend on foreign firms for goods with overseas trading houses and also act as an African Chamber of Commerce. [1] In the 1940's, the association was a leading indigenous elite business group that negotiated trading concessions with the colonial government.

Doherty was a director of the Nigerian Medicines Stores, West African Pictures, Ltd, and the Nigerian General Insurance Company. He was also a member of the Island and Metropolitan clubs of Lagos.


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