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Taraba State

Taraba is a state of Nigeria, named after the Taraba River which traverses the southern part of the state. Taraba's capital is Jalingo. The state was created out of the former Gongola State on 27th August 1991, by the Military Government of General Ibrahim Babangida. Taraba state was bounded in the West by Plateau State and Benue states and on the eastern border by the Republic of Cameroon. Taraba has sixteen local governments, which are governed by elected chairmen. These include: Ardo Kola, Bali, Donga, Gashaka, Gassol, Ibi, Jalingo,Karin Lamido, Kurmi,Lau,Sardauna,Takum, Ussa, Wukari, Yoro, and Zing.

Taraba State is richly endowed with potentials for the development of tourism, and mineral resources and that include the recently discovering of uranium in huge quantities in the state. In recognition of this, the government has made concerted efforts to improve areas of tourist attractions like Mambilla Tourist Center, Gumpti Park and game reserve in Gashaka, the Nwunyu Fishing festival in Ibi which usually holds in April of each year where activities such as canoe racing, swimming competition and cultural dances were held. Also effort is made to attract foreign investors to go and invest in the natural resources that abound in the state. Other festivals are Purma of the Chamba in Donga, Takum and Bali, the Puje of Jukuns, Kuchecheb of Kutebs in Takum and Ussa, Kati of the Mambilla and host of others. Taraba is called "Nature's gift to the nation" as the state is rich and have many ethnic groups, including Chamba, Mumuyes, Mambila, Wurkums, Fulanis, Jukun, Jenjo Kuteb, Ichen,Tiv and Ndoro.