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Thomas Horatio Jackson was a newspaper editor for the Lagos Weekly Record and one of the country's pioneer nationalist. His family's newspaper was a leading platform for critical thoughts on British imperialism in Africa and protecting the land and cultures of native Africans.


Horatio was born in 1879, his father was John Payne Jackson. He attended schools in Lagos, Sierra Leone and Liberia before starting work as an assistant of his father at the Weekly Record. He also spent his spare time doing other jobs. To gain further experience and commercial knowledge, he went to work for the shipping firm, Elder Dempster as a clerk. In 1901, he left the shipping firm to work for the Nigerian Railway as an accounts clerk. He was in the railway service for 4 years before leaving to devote his attention to journalism. While at the Weekly Record, he saw through improvements in newsprint with the development of Samadu Press and Printing Company. The company afforded modern printing equipment for the daily newspaper and brought diversity to the printing operations.

African Sentinael

Jackson was the publisher of the African Sentinel, the first Nigerian newspaper to be published on a non African soil. It was launched in 1919 and was printed in London.