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Thank you :)

Sorry for responding late to the note you wrote on my talk page. I am currently busy trying to put food on my table so I think, my interest here is more about documentation and keeping Nigerian history or maybe current affairs documented in an introductory way. But what I can contribute on the basis of the aforementioned is if you or anybody in charge have the resources towards putting some electronic books on the wiki. I think the first edition of Samuel Johnson's history of the Yorubas is past copyright. Copyright in Nigeria is 71 years after the death of the author and Obadiah Johnson died in 1921. Also, there can be some free text available that are of great importance and maybe in concert with authorities the project can be expanded towards including important documents, laws and such.


protection of african writing systems

Page should either be edited or unprotected due to two things that need to be edited:

1. Mandombe is not "ancient," it has been invented only at the end of the 20th century, and so are a couple of other scripts on the page (that is, they are newer than "ancient.") Therefore, referring to all the African writing systems as "ancient" is mistaken.

2. Page text contains a statement that Europeans never invented any single writing system. This is false as it is, one can for example bring Ogham, that was used in Ireland, and is not developed from any Egyptian or African script; Linear B, that similarly wasn't related to them; or to bring a more recent example, Braille, which is used all around the world by blind people. Furthermore, there appears to be a confusion all around the text in regards of scripts being derived from each other means that they are the same. In all probability, if two scripts are not functionally equivalent, cannot be used in roughly the same manner, etc. then they are not the same. (For example, I can read all Latin letters, also Greek, but I cannot read Phoenician, even though both scripts are derived from there.)

Furthermore, the statements in question carry a certain supremacist (and at the same time, ignorant) air, which, for an encyclopedic work, is probably not acceptable.


Péter Sisák ([email protected])