Usman Angulu Ahmed

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Usman Angulu Ahmed was a Nigerian politician from the old Kwara division of Nigeria. He was a member of the Nigerian House of Representatives during the first republic and was a parliamentary secretary for Commerce and Industry during the period.


Usman was born on March 28, 1928. He went to the Elementary School at Koton-Karifi and later took private courses to further his educaiton. He started his career as a messenger in 1944 and became a secretary for the Appeal Court in 1950. By 1953, he was the Chief secretary of the court. Apart from his career obligations, he partook in some politcal organizations including being a member of the Kwara Divisional Council in 1954 and was later elected into the Nigerian House of Representative during that year.

Electoral history

1959 Kwara district parliamentary election

  • Usman Angulu Ahmed NPC - 9,833
  • Muhammadu Karaworo NEPU - 996
  • Muhammadu Dadi AG - 424



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