Abdulkadir Kilani

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Abdulkadir Kilani was an Emir {titled ruler} of the Nigerian emirate of Ilorin. He was on the throne from 1919-1959.


Abdulkadir was born in 1887. Prior to becomng emir, he was the District Head of Lanwa, (1915-1919). He was made Emir in 1919 and by 1947, he was a first class chief and member of the Northern House of Chiefs.


The emir went through a few political crisis while on the throne. In the mid 1930s, he unilaterally removed his brother, Mohammed Olaofe as the District Head of Lanwa and replaced him with his son. Olaofe was removed because he became blind but the people of the district rejected his son and drove him out. Many people later used the situation to protest against paying taxes. Abdulkadir also got himself entangled in a move to remove another titled ruler in Offa town. The move was rejected by the Offa District Council. However, with the Emir of Ilorin enjoying support from the dominant party in the region, he was able to have his way. [1]


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