African Church, Bethel

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The African Church, Bethel was the largest African instituted church in Nigeria during the early parts of the twentieth century and it was the second church to secede from Anglicanism, the first being the First African Church.


The African Church, Bethel was formed in 1901 by a protesting splinter group of members of the C.M.S. Church, Breadfruit when James Johnson an advocate of African autonomy was ejected from the church and his family and possessions were thrown out of the Church's premises. The splinter group was led by Jacob Coker, an Egba businessman who owned large tracks of land in Ifako, Agege where he planted cash crops. The land was later used as the meeting ground for 600 hundred of Jonhson's followers from the St Paul's Church, Breadfruit, though James Johnson himself did not join the splinter group. The group later found land on Balogun St, Lagos where they built their cathedral.

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