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There are over fifty thousand Nigerians in America. They are most concentrated in New York, Washington DC and Maryland, and Texas. Although Nigerian's can be found in every boondock, from the cold edges of Michigan to the blazing hot deserts of little rock Arkansas.

Nigerians stick together, speaking pidgin and other local languages and eating Nigerian meals while living in america, sort of living entirely on Nigerian soil while abroad.

Nigerians in America are engaged in all sorts of professions, Physicians, Nurses, Engineers, Taxi drivers, Waiters, Cleaners and a small percentage in 419/19/Odu business (advance fee fraud).

2006 US Census Bureau found Nigerians most educated group in America, as recently published in the Houston chronicle.

Nigerians are the most abundant Black professionals in the United States, by far superceeding in numbers all other population groups in this category.

Life for Nigerians abroad is very tough. Nigerians must toil extremely hard due to stress of a strict regulated society with bills, bills and bills. The average American wage is 1200 dollars per month and cost of living in America is 1300 dollars/month, hence most Americans live hand to mouth. Nigerians who have a culture of 'shining'/showing off, work extra hard to make more money than the average American, so he can send some home and 'opresses' with the rest, hence they over work themselves and are constantly envious of Nigerians back home who have it easy to get the same square meals. I just saw two cab driver Igbo guys telling each other that it's the family back home who are enjoying, this is a common conversation highlight.

Nigerians in America also have Baby mama drama!

Yorubas and Igbos migrate most, and you often run into them, while Hausa are rarely seen in the US.

More on Hausa reduced Emmigration to America

There are are over 500 different dialects and tribes in Nigeria, but only three main ones. Hausa Igbo and Yoruba are the three major ones.

The Hausa's who occupy the North are predominantly Muslim, less educated and the ruling tribe (ruled the most over the years), while the Yoruba tribe has the most academicians, and the Igbo tribe are similar to Jews, and sometimes rumored to have originated from Israel. Having synagogues etc. The Igbos are entrepreneurs, so they exploit whatever makes them rich, be it education or business/trade.

Of the three major tribes, the academicians/Yoruba's of course love to travel seeking greener pastures, money, profession and education. The Igbos too travel to exploit the better business opportunities, economy and education abroad, where they also easily excel. So we have many Yoruba's and Igbos in New York, and for some reason, maybe liking heat, there are more Igbos in Texas too, where they migrated en-mass.

Hausa's who are the other large group, are 90% Muslim, and I believe for this reason, they are not so interested in the western world. They have close knit families, with inter-marriages, and a very strong Northern African cumm Moslem culture, that they adhere to, and prefer living at home than going abroad for wealth or education. They are also more educated in Arabic than English, and are the least western educated group, hence Many barriers reduce their emigration. Even their women who are sometimes proclaimed as persecuted by Shariah moslem strict law, still do not take advantage and easily seek asylum in the west, but rather stay and ride it out at home. So they are culturally and religiously happier to stay in Nigeria. Additionally their being the ruling tribe, as the British handed over the Nation to a Moslem Northerner at independence, seeing that they were already educated in Arabic and more organized than the Southerners during colonialism and at independence probably also leads/lead to some self pride and enjoyment of more benefits of being related to people in power. Unlike the many a time marginalized middle belt and south where Yoruba's and Igbos reside.

This Nigerian emigration pattern occurs not just in America, but all over the world.

New York

There are many Nigerians in Brooklyn, many in Queens, a good number in Long Island, few in Harlem and in Staten Island. They buy groceries at_______

Eat at Combinations/ Mama Stella in Brooklyn, Tropical grill and Aso Rock in Queens.

And hang out at___________