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Aminu Dantata (May, 1931) is a wealthy Nigerian businessman and philanthropist from Kano who is the patron of the Kano State foundation. The foundation engages in the provision of social services and credit to Kano state indigenes. He is also affiliated with Nigeria's proposed Islamic Bank, Jaiz and earlier in his life with some Tijaniyya scholars including Muhammed Sani Kafanga.

He was a former member of the Kano Provincial loans Board.

Life and business career

Aminu Dantata was born in kano to Alhassan Dantata. After the death of his brother, Ahmadu Dantata, he became the principal heir to the Dantata family business. However, in the late 1960s, he worked with newly created Kano State as a commissioner. He left in 1972 to partake in the nation's industrial drive and was known to have bought shares in major companies including, Mentholatum, Raleigh Industries, SCOA, Nigerian Pipes, Northern Nigeria Flour Mills, and later Kano State Oil Mills. During the period, the Dantata business expanded in the North supplying fertilizer, jute bags, rice and cement to various state governments. It also expanded its importing ventures by bringing in building materials and automobiles, in case of the later, it was a distributor of Mercedes Benz cars in the country. The business also invested in large scale farming with holdings in Asada farms.

He is currently the chancellor of Katsina Islamic Varsity.