Bello Dandago

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Bello Dandago was a notable Kano politician who was a member of the Nigerian House of Representatives during the nation's pre-independence period where he was the chief whip and later deputy speaker.

He was chair of the 1953/1954 NPC convention which saw the Emir supported candidate prevail as president of the party.

He held the title of Sarkin Dawaki Maituta Kano


Dandago was born to a Kano family headed by Ibrahim Sankara, he later married Hadizatu, daughter of the late Emir, Abdulahi Bayero. He attended a few schools in the north including taking courses at the Katsina Higher College where he honed his trade in teaching. He became a teacher subsequently and taught at the Kano Middle School. During the second World War, he joined the Wartime Information Office in Accra as a broadcaster.

In 1952, he was made the district head of Gwarzo while he was also elected as a member of the Northern House of Assembly.

Electoral history

1959 Gwarzo East parliamentary election

  • Bello Dandago NPC - 13,923
  • Sani Gwarzo NEPU - 2,223
  • D.Lawan AG - 293



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