Chia Aka

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Chia Aka was a politician from the old Benue division of Nigeria. He was the son of Jato Aka, an early advocate for a Tor Tiv and the district head of the Turan clan.


Chia Aka was educated at Wannuene Primary School, and the provincial School. He started his career as a teacher but later joined politics in 1951 and was subsequently elected into the Northern House of Assembly. In the assembly, he was among three Benue division members from Tivland who supported the NPC. However, a call for investigations to be led by the Lt Governor into activities of the native authoirty in Tiv land was opposed by Chia Aka and Benjamin Akiga. Meanwhile, the leading Tiv political group at the time ostracized the two members by passing a vote of no confidence for their opposition to the inquiry.