Haruna Kassim

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Haruna Kassim was a Ringim and Kanuri businessman who was co-founder of the West African Pilgrimage Association along with Ibrahim Gashash and Mahmud Dantata.

Born in 1919, in the Northeastern region of Nigeria, he was exposed to the world of business most importantly the groundnut trade early on when a railway track was extended to his area and the traders made use of the transport facilities and erected collection centers in Ringim. In 1930, he moved to Kano as a student but was quickly engaged in the trade business of G.B. Ollivant. By 1944, he was able to secure financial independence for himself and subsequently took a pilgrimage to Mecca. A few years later, he was described as wealthy by the tax authorities.

Through his career in business, he succeeded in establishing notable indigenous ventures including Hajj air, partly financed by the Northern Regional Development Corporation, transportation ventures and the Kandara Palace Hotel. However, he was also known as agent of various foreign business ventures. (1)


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