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A means for nigerians from all over the world to interact with each other, and keep abreast of whats happening within their society.

A very active forum, one of the most active forums on the internet today, providing for dynamic discussions by young industrious Nigerians mainly in the US, also in Britain, Nigeria and all other Nations of the world. The main forum is private only.

A political interactive forum that has members all over the world with politicians and other big figures in participation. It is a news portal with News stories and articles created by members. It is the foremost Nigerian delibration site in my opinion, and has influenced major policies globally including recently mobilizing a movement large enough to cause the Spanish government offer an apology for in-humane treatment and murder of a Nigerian, Akpita during his deportation.

A Soccer/Football forum, which is mainly about soccer, but also has general discussion forums. It is a great pioneer site and many sites broke off from it.


One of the most elaborate and voluminous Nigerian forums, with a host of activities including,- News, forums, and an online movie access, where it is possible to watch Nollywood movies for free online.


A foremost Nigerian News article and Business site, with regularly updated News and great articles about Nigeria and Nigerians under all headings.

Welcome to Black Awakening! This network was founded with the vision of pursuing a long-term commitment to the awakening of the global African community. Our Primary objective is to amass and congregate concerned and intellectual individuals into a virtual community where we will expound upon various issues that pertain to the ongoing black struggle. Issues discussed will range from black history and its denial by the Western power structure, to socioeconomic disenfranchisement which leaves blacks powerless and impoverished, to the devastating effect that media influence has upon the collective black psyche in all parts of the world.

A forum for proud Nigerians.