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Katsina State

In 1987, Katsina State was formed from part of Kaduna State. The state is mostly Muslim, and the Hausa people (sometimes grouped with the Fulani as Hausa-Fulani) are the largest ethnic group.


Katsina Emirate

Islam in Katsina

Historically, the old Katsina region had a rich history in Islamic scholarship. The early origins of Islam in Katsina can be traced to the dynasty established by Korau, a malam from Yandoto near Modern Chafe and who is reputed to have secured the throne in a Delilah and Samson like tale. Korau defeated Sanau, a friend and the chief of an earlier dynasty called Kumayo, named after the grandson of the legendary Bayajida. Meanwhile, the region of ancient Yandoto now known as Katsina Laka or Wangara is speculated to be the premier site of Islamic scholarship.

There seems to be a revival of the religon in 1493, soon after the visit of Al Maghili, an Islamic missionary and adviser to Askia of Songhai. Towards the end of the fifteenth century Islam had begun to take firmer roots in the region as two prominent scholars from Timbuktu arrived in the region with one, Muhammed Bin Ahmed staying. A temporary rule from Songhai during the reign of Haj Muhammed, Askia, also resulted in strengthening the religion According to a manuscript discovered in 1929, during the reign of Ibrahim Maje (ca 1631), he ordered his subject to choose between prison and prayer, the commoners or the talakawa swiftly followed the new directive while the Sarakuna hesitant. Thereafter, unlike the case of Kano were the religion was led by the elites, in Katsina, the average citizens are viewed as the pace setters of the religion.

Local Government Areas

  • Bakori
  • Batagarawa
  • Batsari
  • Baure
  • Bindawa
  • Charanchi
  • Dan-Musa
  • Dandume
  • Danja
  • Daura
  • Dutsi
  • Dutsin-Ma
  • Faskari
  • Funtua
  • Ingawa
  • Jibia
  • Kafur
  • Kaita
  • Kankara
  • Kankia
  • Katsina
  • Kurfi
  • Kusada
  • Mai'Adua
  • Malumfashi
  • Mani
  • Mashi
  • Matazu
  • Musawa
  • Rimi
  • Sabuwa
  • Safana
  • Sandamu
  • Zango