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McNeil Gabriel Ejaife was a prominent Nigerian politician from the old Urhobo district. He was the founding principal of the Urhobo College, Effurum, and was a principal at the Collegiate College, Warri, he was also a member of the Urhobo District Council.

In 1960, he was among the two senators nominated from the Mid West the Nigerian senate.


Ejaife was born on July 15, 1915 in Okpara to the family of Utujoh Ejaife. He was educated at the St Andrew's College, Oyo and later earned a Grade II teaching certificate passing it with four distinctions. He then abroad to study on a scholarship provided by the Urhobo Progressive Union, he was at the Fourah Bay College, Freetown, King's College, Newcastle and the Institute of Education, University of London. In 1948, Ejaife became the first Urhobo man to receive a university degree obtaining a Bachelor of Arts from Durham University in the United Kingdom. (1)(2)

In 1949, he became the first principal of the Urhobo College and n 1950, he was a representative to the conference to review the constitution and later served on the board of the Western Region Development Corporation.

A service award in his honour is given by the Urhobo Historical Society.