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Emeka Meki Nzewi (1938) is a Nigerian music composer, ethnomusicologist and published author who is known for his opera dramas such as 'Ogbunigwe" and 'Mystery is Illusion'.

He is a critic of imposition of Western learning and thinking processes on African musicians. (2)

Nzewi was educated at the University of Nigeria where he was influenced by Edna Smith-Edet, then the head of the unviersity's music department. He received his P.hD from Queens University, Belfast. Prior to entering unviersity, he was a student at Dennis Memorial Grammar School, Onitsha.

Apart from his music, he has contributed articles to major schorlarly journals and has written four books. (1)

Selected Works

  • African Music: Theoretical Content and Creative Continuum:the Culture-exponent's Definitions. (Book). 1997. ISBN 3930915790
  • And I Spied. (Book). 1997. ISBN 9781396350
  • Okeke : music, myth and life : an african story. book
  • Musical practice and creativity : an African traditional perspective. book


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