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Mohammed Munir, Mutawalenn Kano was a close associate of the late emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi and served in the Kano Native Authority as councilor for finance and works. He was also a member of the Nigerian House of Representative for Kano South during the Nigerian first republic.

As a parliamentarian in Northern Nigeria, he served as chairman of the public accounts committee from 1951-1954.


Munir was born in 1910 to a family of Arab heritage. He was educated at Katsina Provincial School, and the Katsina Training College. He later went on to earn a diploma in accounting as a correspondence student. He started work as a scribe in the Kano Native Authority and rose within the authority to become chief scribe and superintendent, Works, ( (1935-1946), the supervisor of works, 1946-1952, and the treasurer, 1952-1954. In 1954, he was made the councilor for finance and commercial undertakings.

Electoral history

1959 Rano parliamentary election

  • Mohamed Munir NPC - 20,257
  • Ibrahim Rajab Heebah NEPU - 3,160
  • Kanwa Dan Audu AG 441



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