Muhammadu Bello, Gwandu

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Muhmmadu Bello was a notable politician and title holder from the Brinin Kebbi area of Kebbi State. He held the title of Magajin Rafi of Gwandu and was subsequently succeeded by his brother, Usman Malami Bunza.

Bello was born in 1902 and attended Birnin Kebbi Primary School. He worked with the Gwandu Native Authority and later became its primary secretary. In 1951/52, he was elected into the Northern House of assembly. As the Magajin Rafi, he was part of the Gwandu electoral council along with Chief Imam, Sarkin Dendi of Zegirma, Sarkin Aliero, Sarkin Kebbi of Jega, Magajin Gari, Chief Alkali, Turawa and Ubandawaki.