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The Nigerian Ports Authority is a public corporation that came into existence with the passage of the Ports Act of 1954 by the House of Representatives. It started operations on April fools day 1955. The company was charged with the responsibility of maintaining and operating the nation's ports and harbors. However, before the exit of President Obasanjo, the agency was split into two different firms as part of a reform agenda of the nation's maritime industry. However, the legality of the restructuring is being challenged by many citizens including elected lawmakers.

Statutory responsibility

The Ports Act of 1954, gave the agency the responsibilities for the

  • Provision and operation of cargo handling and quay facilities.
  • The maintenance, regulation and improvement of the nation's harbors.
  • Dredging to desired depths and providing as well as maintaining pilotage services, lighting, light houses, buoys and other

navigational aids in all Nigeria Ports.