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Okunola Abasi Aleshinloye was a wealthy Nigerian titled chief who was the baale and later Olubadan of Ibadan, it was during his reign that the colonial authorities changed the title of the Ibadan traditional head from that of baale to Olubadan and also under him, Ibadan became an independent Native Authority free of Oyo, the former cause according to Akinpelu Obisesan enjoyed the support of the Ibadan Progressive Union.

As a wealthy yam flour trader, Abasi built up a retinue of followers attaining social capital not without help was his claim to being a descendant of Balogun Aleshinloye, the first balogun of Ibadan. He rose within the traditional and administrative structure starting in 1910 when he represented his elderly uncle in Ibadan council meetings. At the death of his uncle in 1919, he took on his uncle's title as ekerin Balogun, he had a swift rise through the ranks and in 1930, he became the baale of Ibadan. In 1936 not without generating controversy, Ward Price, a colonial officer, announced the change of title from baale of Ibadan to Olubadan.

Abasi was the father of Bello Abasi, an Ibadan chief who was a prominent Muslim figure in Ibadan and organized the Muslim dominated Ibadan Patriotic Association in support of his father in 1936 after the latter's title was converted from baale to Olubadan.