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  • Taiwo. Is a shortened form of to-aiye-wo (have first taste of the world), it is given to the first born of either a female or male twin. The idea behind the name is that the first born was sent first to announce the coming of the latter.
  • Kehinde is a name given to the trailing twin
  • Idowu is a name given to a child born after twins.
  • Idogbe is the name given to a male child after born after Idowu
  • Alaba is the name given to a female child born after Idowu
  • Eta Oko is the name given to the third of triplets
  • Ige means a child with a breech or footling presentation
  • Ilori means a child conceived during the absence of menstruation
  • Omope means a name that signifies the late coming of the child
  • Ojo or Aina means a name given to a child with a cord twined around his neck
  • Ajayi means a name given to a child born with a face downwards
  • Oke means a child born with membranes unruptured
  • Salako is the name given to a male child whose head is covered with caul and ruptured membranes when born, the female counterpart is Talabi
  • Dada is the name given to a curly head child, it is styled Olowo Ori
  • Abiona is a name that signifies a child born when the mother was away from home on a journey
  • Abiose means being born on a holiday
  • Babatunde signifies father comes again, it is a name given to a male child born soon after the death of his grandfather, *Yetunde is the female counterpart of Babatunde
  • Babarimisa is the name that is given to a posthumous child
  • Ayodele, means that joy has entered the house
  • Oniepde means the consoler is home
  • Morenike means I have someone to pet
  • Mosebolatan means Joy hitherto despaired of
  • Omoteji means a child big enough for two
  • Akinyele signifies the entering of a strong child into the house
  • Ibiyemi good birth becomes one
  • Ibiyinka means being surrounded by children
  • Ladipo, increase honour
  • Ogundalenu signifies the devastation of the house by war
  • Otegbeye means deprived of honour by war
  • Ogunmola, the river Ogun carried away our honour
  • Laniyonu, means honor is full of troubles
  • Kurumi, means death as impoverished me
  • Oyebisi, means increased titles
  • Test, this is a test