Solomon Hunponu-Wusu

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Solomon Taminowo Hunponu-Wusu was a former senator from Badagry, Lagos State who was among the nominated candidates chosen to become senators in the Nigerian first republic.


Hunponu-Wusu was born on June 28, 1900 to a retired nurse, Emmanuel Hunponu-Wusu who worked at a hospital in Badagry. Hunponu attended schools in Lagos and Badagry and then received a teaching certificate. He taught for a few years before becomng an apprentice student under the doctor, Oguntola Sapara at the Massey Street Pharmacy. He then joined the West African Drug Company and worked with the firm for 26 years as a pharmacist. After leaving the firm, he was started his own entrepreneurial pursuit, Wusu Trading Company and Commercial Medicine Stores, both headquartered in Lagos.

Hunponu-Wusu served as a director of the National Bank of Nigeria and the West African Pictures Company.