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  • ...and Survey towards the end of the Nigerian first republic. He was later a Lagos state commissioner for Justice and Education. During the second republic, Ogunsanya was chairman of the [[Nigerian People's Party]].
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  • '''Solomon Taminowo Hunponu-Wusu''' was a former senator from Badagry, [[Lagos]] State who was among the nominated candidates chosen to become senators in ...Wusu Trading Company and Commercial Medicine Stores, both headquartered in Lagos.
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  • ...ji Shitta Bey''' is a [[Nigeria]]n lawyer and politician who represented a Lagos State senatorial constituency in the House of Assembly during the Nigerian ...Lagos Central mosque by a Wahab Folawiyo led Jamaatul Muslimeen Council of Lagos.(1)
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  • ...he Lagos trucking industry hauling export goods and other merchandise from Lagos to the North and vice versa along rugged roads mostly in the months of the [[Category:People from Kano]]
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  • '''Musa Yar'Adua''' was a Nigerian politician who served as minister of [[Lagos]] Affairs during the [[Nigerian first republic]]. Together with fellow legi ...ive Authority. In 1930, he graduated from the katsina Training College and from 1930-1945, he was a middle school teacher. He was conferred with the title
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  • ...r and later became a schoolmaster in 1887, at St Paul's, on Breadfruit st, Lagos. In 1891, he left for the Fourah Bay College to earn a bachelor of Arts deg ...Niger Diocese. His son, [[Adelakun Howells]] later became the Bishop of [[Lagos]].
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  • '''Abdul Lateef Sadiq Akodu''' (1899) was a Muslim preacher from Epe who was the National missioner of the Ahmadiya Movement in Islam. He wa ...e in November 1899. He as born to Sadiq Akodu, an Arabic scholar in Epe, [[Lagos]]. He went to [[Government Muslim School]], Epe, and the Haroun Rasheed Ara
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  • ...hern Government in the Constitutional Conference of 1958, London and 1959, Lagos. ...gest serving monarchs in Nigeria. He has seen the Igala region transformed from inadequate schools and hospitals to one with available social amenities.
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  • ...munities in Nigeria as well as across West Africa, are common and resulted from former slaves in Brazil returning to Africa in the 19th century. We find evidence of these in Ghana too, as the [[Tabom]] people, who spoke portugese, and were branded 'Tabom', because this was the respon
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  • located within the Synagogue Church premises around Ikotun-Egbe area of Lagos State collapsed completely to the ground. ...guesthouse collapsed in the SCOAN's premises in Lagos killing at least 115 people, 84 of them South Africans. According to, a [[Warri]]-based pr
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  • an early member of the Nigerian Youth Movement and went on to represent Lagos as an elected member to the Legislative Council defeating [[T.A. Doherty]] ...of the Pilgrims Board of the Western region which took over pilgrim duties from the colonial authorities in the 1950s.
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  • ...6 to S.A. Arogundade. He went to Oduduwa College and Government College, [[Lagos]] before starting work. He was at Kingsway stores in 1948 and soon became a [[Category:Nigerian athletes|Nigerian people by occupation]]
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  • ...k of his, 'The Condition, Elevation, Emigration and Destiny of the Colored People of the United States, Politically Considered', sought emigration for free s with the help of the Crowthers was given permission to use land along Lagos and Abeokuta by the Ogun river for re-settlement purposes. However, a key m
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  • ...n to Julius Osakwe Anionwu on May 5, 1921. He attended [[King's College]], Lagos, Trinity Hall, Cambridge before being called to the bar in Lincoln's Inn. H [[Category:Nigerian diplomats|Nigerian people by occupation]]
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  • | birth_place = [[Lagos Island]], [[Lagos State]] [[Nigeria]] | residence = [[Lagos]], [[Lagos State]], [[Nigeria]]
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  • ...tention of contesting the party's presidential ticket, he later joined the People's Democratic Party in 2001. ...e was also the leader of a Cross River political pressure group styled the Lagos group which facilitated the primary defeat of former Central Bank governor
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  • ...r of high profile editorial and managerial positions including editing the Lagos Weekend, serving as general manager of the Nigerian Herald, and later servi ...was born in Osogbo on July 15, 1941. He was educated at the University of Lagos and Indiana University Bloomington. (1)
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  • ...ction Group's Jos convention when the Akintola group tried to make a break from the grips of party leader and parliamentarian, [[Awolowo]]. administration as an assistant medical officer at the General Hospital, Lagos and later became a medical officer working at Adeoyo Hospital, Ibadan (1945
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  • ...ime studying privately and later achieved a 2nd class honours in Economics from the University of [[London]]. ...ns including membership of the Ode Ekiti Progressive Union and the Ekiti's People's Party in 1953.
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  • ...he Nigerian Book Foundation and a member of the [[Board of Trustees of the People's Democratic Party]] of Nigeria. (2) [[Category:Lagos]]
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  • ...was in support of opening more doors of employment to different classes of people in the native authority and seeking a reform to the emirate system in the N ...tions. However, many of is views caused controversy and he left Kaduna for Lagos to join the foreign service.
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  • ...winning major elections in the city. Adisa later declared for the Northern People's Congress. (1)
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  • ...a founding member of the Lagos Youth Movement in 1934 and after returning from studies abroad along with Nnamdi Azikiwe, the movement was renamed Nigerian However, he left the movement in 1951 and founded his own party, the Nigerian People's Congress. He later joined the National Council of Nigeria and the Cameroo
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  • Nigerian People's Party'' ...y, Pennsylvania in 1930. He subsequently obtained a masters degree in 1933 from a prestigious Ivy League institution, the University of Pennsylvania [4].
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  • ...on of Tor Tiv, prodded on because he was one of the local educated persons from Tivland. ...ention to contest his constituency seat to the House of Representatives in Lagos.
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  • ...[Lagos]] as one of the first Northern students entrants. Though, he was in Lagos trying to study to be a medical dispenser, he was taken by the [[Ahmadiyya]
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  • ...Mbanefo was a traditional chief. He attended Methodist Boys High School, [[Lagos]] and King's College where he became the senior [[prefect]]. After finishin ...hing Mbanefo craved, he also wanted to serve the people, in particular the people of Onitsha. He contested and won a seat on the Onitsha Town Council where h
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  • ...eation of the Midwest region and the massive support the movement received from Urhobos afforded Mariere the opportunity to serve as the region's governor. the military governor and was appointed chancellor of the University of Lagos in 1968.
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  • *[[Lagos Times]], November 10, 1880. Editor, Andrew Thomas, Publisher [[Richard Beal *[[Lagos Observer]], February 15, 1882. Edited and published by J. Bagan Benjamin, a
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  • ...olarship and commitment have been recognised over the years by many awards from organisations and governments in Africa, Europe and America, not least her ...ouved, imported from China, India or manafactured in a clandestine factory from somewhere such as Onitsha in the south of Nigeria, where false drugs have b
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  • ...ut Christian doctrines. In 1982, it held its own Sunday service transiting from an inter-denominational Church to become a full blown denomination. ...ce of its founder, a teacher at the College of Education, [[University of Lagos]]. At inception, the ministry's leader, W.F. Kumuyi was the prime mover in
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  • ...Akure. She later married Mr Victor Esan in 1934 and they briefly lived in Lagos. A few years later she moved back to her hometown of Ibadan. [2] ...during the colonial era were limited. In 1944, she established the Ibadan People's Girls Grammar School in Molete, [3] to educate women on different subject
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  • ...Yaba where he earned his diploma. He worked for the General Hospitals, at Lagos, Ibadan, Osogbo and Oyo. [[Category:Ekiti people]]
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  • ...Nigeria]]n naval commodore who served as the Chief of General Staff (CGS), from 1985-1986, as the CGS, he was the de facto #2 man in the nation during the ...itted in 1972 though his rank was not raised to that of his contemporaries from the 1960 recruiting class.
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  • In 1980, he became the chairman of Chase Merchant Bank, [[Lagos]]. [[Category:Nigerian academics|Nigerian people by occupation]]
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  • ...centuries mainly due to its important position on the trade routes between Lagos and Ibadan. The kingdom imposed sharp limits on trade insisting that all tr ...d. In defending himself against charges of excessive death rates in Uganda from his own use of the gun, he stated : "On the West Coast, in the 'Jebu' war,
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  • ...guesthouse collapsed in the SCOAN's premises in Lagos killing at least 115 people, 84 of them South Africans. According to, a [[Warri]]-based pr
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  • ...1982, he began his journalism career at the ''[[National Concord]]'' in [[Lagos]], a newspaper owned by aspiring political figure [[Moshood Abiola]]. Oloje Olojede enrolled at the [[University of Lagos]] where he studied journalism. As a student he was particularly influenced
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  • ...osa. He lost his mother right before completing his secondary education in Lagos. ...the name Gabriel, Baptist Primary School, Benin and Eko Boys High School, Lagos.
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  • '''Lagos State''' [[Image:Lagos.jpg|thumb|200px|right]]
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  • ...then the major buyer and seller of stock on the [[Nigerian Stock Exchange|Lagos Stock Exchange]], while it also operated the exchange. A reconstructuring t ...ternational Finance Corporation as partners. Originally, the firm had 42 [[Lagos]] sharehlders holding about 20% of the equity and 56 foreign shareholders h
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  • ...guage|English]]:''"A bringer of good Tidings and Blessing "'') was born in Lagos State, SouthWestern [[Nigeria]]. He started performing at the age of 7 by t ...[[Aṣa|Asa]], [[Don jazzy]] [[2face Idibia]] as people he draws inspiration from. Management[http:/
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  • ...helsea School of Pharmacy of London University. He lectured in pharmacy at Lagos and was employed as a pharmacist by the Nigerian Medical Corporation. Ekwen ...ns the episodic nature of his novels. This tendency is well illustrated by People of the City (1954), in which Ekwensi gave a vibrant portrait of life in a W
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  • ...iented towards modern technology and a speedy movement of the capital from Lagos to Abuja. *Supremacy of the will of the people democratically expressed
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  • ...n April 21, and was sworn in on May 29, 2007. He is a member of the ruling People's Democratic Party (PDP). ...n aristocratic Fulani family in Katsina; his father, a former Minister for Lagos during the First Republic, held the royal title of Mutawallen (custodian of
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  • ...ost at the geographical centre of [[Nigeria]] and about 179 km (109 miles) from [[Abuja]], the nation's capital, Jos is linked by road, rail and air to the ...Nigerians were the [[Nok]] people (around 3000 BC), skilled artisans from around the Jos area who mysteriously vanished in the late first millennium.
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  • ...the first of whom was the Rt. Hon. Dr. [[Nnamdi Azikiwe]] who stepped down from the job to become the country's first [[List of Presidents of Nigeria|Head ...ontrol of the Assembly by the ruling [[People's Democratic Party (Nigeria)|People's Democratic Party]] (PDP), the PDP government led by [[Olusegun Obasanjo]]
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  • ...on like ''Things fall apart, No longer at ease, Arrow of God, A man of the People'', and ''Anthills of the'' ''Savannah''. Has been honoured with dozens of h ...adan, and then worked in the Nigerian Broadcasting Company in Lagos. Apart from his novels, he has also published shot stories and children’s books. ''Be
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  • ...rson, and then as President, of the Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP), Saro-Wiwa led a nonviolent campaign against environmental damage a ...ity of Ibadan and briefly became a teaching assistant at the University of Lagos.
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  • Ernest Adegunle Oladeinde Shonekan (born 9 May 1936 in Lagos, south-west Nigeria) is a British trained Nigerian lawyer, industrialist an ...ucated at C.M.S grammar school. He also attended and received a law degree from the University of London and was later called to the bar. He soon joined U.
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  • ...hen said, ‘If you are not going to school, that means you have been cursed from outside and we wouldn’t want you to influence the other children’. But he didn’t adopt me. It was just a gimmick. So, people started calling me his son and it did work. It really worked. I now became
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  • ...sition of Prefect in charge of the laboratory. He was in the Basic Section from form one to five and was a member School House. He proceeded to the [[Unive ...f the economy. Within a short space of three years and with presence in [[Lagos]], [[South-south|South/South]], South East and the North, Equator Capital L
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  • In November, 1929, thousands of [[Igbo people|Igbo]] women from the [[Bende District]] of [[Nigeria]], the nearby [[Umuahia]], [[Ngwa]], an ...anyeruwa and a man, Mark Emereuwa, who was helping to make a census of the people living in the town controlled by the Warrant, Okugo. Nwanyeruwa was of [[N
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  • ...derful rivers are some major rivers in the state. The Kaduna river flowing from east to west through the state, drains an area of about 65,000 square kilom two major seasons, dry season from November to March and the wet season from April to October. The vegetation of the state is tropical grassland in Sout
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  • ...o State) was a Nigerian soldier. He served as the Head of State of Nigeria from January 16, 1966 until he was overthrown and killed in a coup d'état on Ju ...g for the coveted position. A consensus was reached by the ruling Northern People's Congress (NPC) and National Council of Nigerian Citizens (NCNC) coalition
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  • ...held the hereditary title of (Sardauna) of Sokoto, he founded the Northern People's Congress (NPC). ==From self-government to independence==
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  • ...ain forest merging with the savannah up north. Other members of the region from 1947-1963, included the Urhobos, Western Ijaw, Isoko, Edos and others. ...e known for living in urbanized areas with 47% living in towns above 5,000 people.
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  • [[Vanguard]] (Lagos) ...e was elected Deputy Majority Chief Whip in the House; a position she held from 2003 to 2007 alongside being the Leader of the South West Caucus in the Nat
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  • ...of the Prime Minister in January, 1966. He later led the NPC government in Lagos to pledge support to the military administration of Johnson Aguiyi Ironsi. ...r Training College where he specialised in Geography, English and History. From 1938-1946 he was a teacher and then joined NCNC. However, in 1948, he left
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  • to General Ologbose, to use all means possble to prevent the white man, from making it to Benin through Ughoton. When the British soldiers showed their in 1918 in the after math of the WORLD WAR 1. Thousands of Edo-speaking people died as a result of the epidemic. The Edos blamed it on the non-observance
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  • '''Joseph Sarwuan Tarka''' (1932-1980) was a Nigerian politician from [[Benue]] State and a former minister for Transport and later Communication ...part to his charisma, his father's reputation and the goodwill he received from the Tiv Progressive Union.
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  • '''Garba Hamza''' is a wealthy businessman from [[Kano]] who is the head of the Hamza Holdings of Nigeria. ...venture and later increased his margins when he saw better deals in sweets from Kano which he later sold in regions of Borno. He then carried over his earl
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  • ..., she is described as having sent a caravan of gold, ivory and other goods from her kingdom to King Solomon. In the Koran she is an Ethiopian sun worshiper ...erian rainforest, the earthworks at Eredo are just a few hour's drive from Lagos.
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  • ...eria, where the Igbo people predominated. The country, which took its name from the Bight of Biafra (an arm of the Atlantic Ocean), was established by [[Ig from entering the region. Hundreds of thousands – perhaps millions – of people died in the resulting famine.
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  • Political party: People's Democratic Party ...s a military ruler, between February 13, 1976 to October 1, 1979 and again from May 29, 1999 to May 29, 2007, as elected President. His current home is Ado
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  • ...g to the Yoruba family and speaking the same Yoruba language. Other people from within and outside the country trade and settle in the state mostly in the The dry season runs from November to early March while the rain season from March to October. Between December and January is harmattan while the rainy
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  • varies from place to place. Dialects of Nigerian Pidgin may include the Lagos, [[Onitsha]], [[Benin City]], and [[Ibadan]] dialects. Sometimes the langua ..."you people", a word that comes from the Ibo word "unu" also meaning "you people") display some of the interesting similarities between the English pidgins
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  • his people and returned his country to civilian government. On retiring from the army and politics, General Obasanjo took up farming as a career and as one in Nigeria seriously doubted that Obasanjo would win. For sure many people queried the rationale of the military regime being succeeded by a civilian
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  • ...dential primaries. In the Nigerian Fourth Republic, he served as a senator from Imo State. ...ion years were priests, the impact of religious morality did not deter him from seeking material wealth.
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  • ...akubu Danjuma''' is a retired Nigerian general who was Chief of Army Staff from 1975-1979 and was the Nigerian Defense Minister between 1999-2003. On July 29, 1966, Danjuma led a band of soldiers from the 4th battalion in Mokola area of Ibadan to carry out the house arrest of
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  • to go to more or less the negative, something we don't like. But it is from there we will understand it... You understand it quicker when you talk of c separate you from among the people. Otherwise, before you know it, many people are into it.
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  • This is an incomplete list of notable [[Nigeria]]n people, it includes some but not all overseas Nigerians (see also [[List of Nigeri * [[Michael Olowokandi]] (born 1975, in Lagos, Nigeria)
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  • all the various emotions within you - why keep them bottled in mid-air? People have different approaches to letting go of negative emotions. Try crying an
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  • ...d from 1982 to 1984. In 1985, he obtained an M.Sc in [[Petroleum Geology]] from the [[University of Ibadan]]. ...the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of African Express Bank Plc from 2003 to 2004.
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  • Enugu where the state derives its name. Enugu state was created in 1991 from the old Anambra State. The principal cities in the state are Enugu, Nsukka, also located within 5 driving hours from Abuja and 7 driving hours from Lagos, the administrative and commercial headquarters of Nigeria respectively.
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  • Image:National Arts Theatre.jpg|[ Lagos] [[Image:Good People Great Nation.jpg|thumb|330px]]{{#ev:youtube|eqLtVmnsfmc|330}}
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  • '''Muhammadu Dikko''' was a Emir of Katsina from 1906-1944. Dikko was enthroned by the British colonists largely due to his ...the revolt was regarded as grave and led to the brief exit of the British from Katsina. After their return, the resident asked the then Emir, Sarki Yero a
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  • ...special prayers and healing water. The news of her healing spread and many people came to the house. ...ouse then began a prayer movement within the Anglican church but criticism from Anglican priests led to the severance of ties with the church, an harbinger
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  • == Igbo people == ...l experiences. Each person also has a personalised providence, which comes from Chukwu, and returns to him at the time of death, a chi. This chi may be goo
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  • ...fairs in Nigeria. She was the personal assistant to the Deputy Governor of Lagos State Government, Her Excellence Alhaja Sinatu Aderoju Ojukutu (1991-93). ...25 years old received educational achievement and community service awards from several government officials. The Congresswoman Barbara Lee,Mayor of Oaklan
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  • ...a in 1947 to fight for an end to colonial rule and independence of Nigeria from Great Britain. In 1947 also, Wachuku was, for six weeks, Legal and Constitu ...l of Nigerian Citizens. Concerning Wachuku's New Africa Party, in a letter from London, England dated May 29, 1951, sent to W.E.B. Du Bois, and later inclu
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  • ...m 1943-1946. Between 1947 and 1948 he attended a Teacher Training in Zaria from where he obtained his Grade II Certificate. Between 1954 and 1955 he attend ...which he was given a special chair that he brought to the Federal House in Lagos. He also contributed immensely in the creation of the then Mid-Western Nige
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  • ...tion at the trigger point of Africa when looked at on the globe. Nigerians from this point spread out around the world, being the most adventurous peoples ...the limits of its reach and impact. Nigeria is a world phenomenon spanning from the edges of the Arctic to the last habited recesses of the Antarctica....
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  • ...and civilian Heads of State autocratically tried to steer the country away from enthroning the winner of the annulled election while trying to influence th ...ity coalition of SDP), [[Adamu Ciroma]] and Umaru Shinkafi, the latter two from the National Republican Convention (NRC). The presidential system then was
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  • ...[[African drama]]. He taught in the Universities of [[University of Lagos|Lagos]], Ibadan, and Ife (becoming Professor of [[Comparative Literature]] there ...prison he wrote poetry which was published in a collection titled ''Poems from Prison''. He was released 22 months later after international attention was
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  • ...ted throughout the United States to assist you. Select a Travel Specialist from our list above and start your travel plans today! We do not charge you a fe
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  • ...ior as recalled by those who had known him, became the hadith ("sayings"). From these sources, the faithful have constructed the Prophet's customary practi throughout time, but humans are seen as having misunderstood or strayed from God's true teachings until set aright by Muhammad. Prophets and sages of th
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  • primary schools moving with her parents as her father got transferred from one city to the other. ...r in 1979, so she answered the call to duty and returned home to serve her people.
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  • From 2003 to 2007, Nigeria attempted to implement an economic reform program cal Millennium Goals for Nigeria. Under the program, which covers the years from 2000 to 2015, Nigeria is committed to achieve a wide range of ambitious obj
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