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  • '''Abdul Lateef Sadiq Akodu''' (1899) was a Muslim preacher from Epe who was the National missioner of the Ahmadiya Movement i ...e was a missioner of the movement in 1930 and worked as a teacher at the [[Muslim School]] in [[Ijebu-Ode]], Islamic School, Ibadan and Ahmadiyya School.
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  • ...was prominent during the reign of Baale Mohammadu Latoosa, Ibadan's first Muslim baale. ...ters of Islamic learning. He learned Islamic studies in Ilorin under famed scholars and returned to Ibadan in 1876 where he began conducting the Ilmi; the same
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  • theirs through the medium. The Tijjanis got the order through a great Muslim Scholar Sheikh Ahmad Tijjani of [[Morocco]] in Northern Africa. Another mig Some of the great scholars following the order are: Sheikh Tahir Uthman Bauchi, Sheikh Ahmed
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  • ...its beliefs. In the 1970s, it became affiliated with the World Assembly of Muslim Youths. ...perceived by Sulaiman and co as the distortion and fabrication of European scholars on Islam and also a movement to support the implementation of sharia. The n
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  • ...7, Katsina State was formed from part of Kaduna State. The state is mostly Muslim, and the Hausa people (sometimes grouped with the Fulani as Hausa-Fulani) a ...entury Islam had begun to take firmer roots in the region as two prominent scholars from Timbuktu arrived in the region with one, Muhammed Bin Ahmed staying. A
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  • ...s mixed with a deep suspicion by some conservative Koranic scholars of non Muslim Southerners in Sabon Gari.
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  • ...e-Eiri, a town in a Muslim area north of the Eredo. Pilgrims of Christian, Muslim and traditional African religions annually trek to the holy site in tribute The Bible dates the queen's reign to the tenth century BC and modern scholars have speculated that a link between Judea and an ancient African queen led
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  • ...a rule that active Christian proselytizing could not occur in the northern Muslim region, although in 1990 the two religions continued to compete for convert ...e guide to the spiritual, ethical, and social life of the faithful in most Muslim countries.
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  • ...n Age apparently was achieved without intermediate bronze production. Some scholars speculate the smelting process was transmitted from the Mediterranean by Be ...ili (d. c. 1505), the founder of an important tradition of Sudanic African Muslim scholarship, to Gao.[1] Although these western empires had little political
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  • would reject any link with Yoruba traditional religious practices, many scholars have laid claimed to similarities between the strong belief in other-worldl ...In the North he did not win many converts because of the prevalence of the Muslim religion there. He is, however, credited with building a prayer house in Ng
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