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  • ...a failed Nigerian initiative to create a task force on liberation of some African states as part of a varied government policy on the liberation struggle in ...ok further tertiary studies at University College, London where he studied anthropology. In 1939, he started a tertiary teaching career at Yaba Higher College. Pri
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  • During the celebration of African arts and culture tagged [[Festac]] 77, he made available fine works of art *(1) Ioan Myrddin Lewis. 'History and Social Anthropology'. p 233.
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  • ...nt's but in some cases the extended family. The norm is common across many African cultures including Nigeria. In Nigeria, common gifts includes, "30 to 50 ja ...Ibrahim. Customary Bride-Price in Cameroon: Do women have a say?, Southern African Feminist Review. Harare: Mar 31, 2001. Vol. 4, Iss. 2/V.5;; pg. 65
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  • ...rist activities," she noted. Alice Wilson, who holds a doctorate in social anthropology, likewise finds recent media reports about terrorism in the camps incongruo
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